Medelmans Lake Properties Full Map View

Click on a section of the map below, labeled by “phase” to see the lots available in that area.

Phase 1

This is a conceptual drawing, as details are still being finalized.

Phase One

Work is set to begin this fall on Phase One of Medelmans Lake. There will be nine level lots, five walkout lots and four off-lake villa lots; all with water access for a total of eighteen lots. Grading and site work will begin, in addition to, the infrastructure for city water, sewer, electrical and gas. The spring of 2018 will see the development of the entrance into Medelmans Lake, as well as, streets and other infrastructure. Projects will include a marina, boat ramp, trailer parking and a staging area. Another project being considered is a community building near the marina.

Other features will include installation of landscaping berms around the new entrance and on the west side of the development. An eight-foot, precast wall system will extend to the south along Bonita Drive. This will visually screen the lake from the commercial neighbors to the west.