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What makes living on the beach so attractive? For some it may be as simple as having our toes in the sand, sitting on a colorful beach towel in an Adirondack chair, reading the latest best-seller out there. If you are looking for something with a little more adrenalin, grab your sunglasses, strap on your life jacket and cool off by taking a few laps on a jet ski around the lake. Regardless of your preferred way to unwind, you will always find something to do when your home is on the beach. 


It’s hard to put into words that feeling of going to your very own lake home and being right on the beach at Medelmans Lake. We all probably have great memories of going to a lake for camping or boating on a river with family and friends. When you live at the beach entertainment is ready-made from boat rides, swim parties or, just grilling out. It really doesn’t matter what your plan is, everyone will want to be invited to your next party. 


You’ll get to say “hello”, to endless days of relaxation when you live by the water. The quiet chirping of birds, the sound a fish makes when it jumps out of the water, wildlife on surround sound.  Everyday it’s there, just waiting for you to immerse yourself into the peaceful tranquility. You’ll be able to reset each day back to a less stressful mind set. 


The time has never been better to start out on your next great adventure, and you can make it begin at your own home. Experience the best of living by the beach, today. Medelmans Lake, it’s waiting for you.


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Published on: June 4, 2018

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